Discover the World’s Best Vegan Carbonara: CANES Takes the Crown at APEC 2022

At CANES, we have always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of vegan cuisine. And now, our hard work and dedication have paid off with the popular vote award at the APEC 2022 Future Food Competition for our signature vegan Carbonara spaghetti.

Many were shocked to see a dish as seemingly simple as Carbonara, made with just pasta, guanciale, egg yolk, and cheese, enter this competition, especially since we are Thailand’s first and only full vegan fine dining restaurant. But it is precisely because of its simplicity that this dish is so impressive in its vegan form.

Our team of culinary wizards and food scientists are specialists in their respective fields, including our rice specialist who crafts a low GI spaghetti using Thai rice grown in Chaing Dao and flo Wolffia for extra B12, our smoking specialist chef who infuses hickory and local Thai woods into our aromatic mushroom guanciale, and our fermentation specialist who creates a cheese from fermented Thai rice, supporting the local community and providing a delicious and nutritious ingredient.

The secret to our vegan Carbonara lies in our egg yolk, crafted from Thai edible flowers. People often underestimate the power of flowers, thinking of them as purely decorative. But our egg yolk proves that flowers can provide not only color, but flavor as well. So rich and complete, it can be used to make a Carbonara that has the same creamy texture and taste as the traditional dish.

Our dish embodies the values of our acronym CANES: c for cruelty-free, meaning no harm to animals; a for altruistic, supporting the local community through the use of local ingredients; n for natural, using only ingredients from nature with no artificial flavors; e for evolutionary, always pushing the boundaries and improving; and s for sustainable, ensuring a better future for both the planet and its inhabitants. Try it for yourself at our casual dining location at Health Land Pradit Manutham!

For Vegan Tasting Menu, Please reserve a table at our Culinary Lab & Fine-dining location at Muang Thong Thani.

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